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A-CART Pro is the latest version of the popular A-CART shopping cart system.
The latest features are:

  • Cross selling
    Addition of "You may also like" to product pages.
  • More caching
    This reduces the number of database queries thus leading to a faster and more efficient A-CART.
  • Display multiple products on one page
    All products for a single category are displayed on a single page.
  • Hierarchial side bar
    Allows easy user navigation through the hierarchial catehories and products.
  • Style sheets
    Style sheets allow easy customization of A-CARTs 'look and feel'.
  • Verisign payflow Link
    Integration of the Verisign payflow Link payment system so you can handle real-time credit card payments.
  • Integration of the Authorize.net
    Integration of the Authorize.net payment system so you can handle real-time credit card payments.
  • Address book system
    This allows customer to store multiple addresses which they can then use when placing an order.
  • Search facility
    Allows customers search by keyword to quickly find a specific product.
  • Shipping time
    Displays the avergae shipping time on a per product basis.
  • Allows addition to price
    Products with certain attributes. can have their prices increased or decreased e.g. Add $5 for Large.
  • Real time stock control.
    Automatically decrements inventory as stock is purchased.
  • Shipping options
    Shipping options can be specified depending on total price, country or address substring.
  • Display of 'order status'
    Displayed to customers and can be updated from the administration console.
  • Better user privilages
    Allows you to limit access to many of the administration facilities.
  • Search and display orders
    Perform searches on customer id, order id, date range and status.
  • Search for customers
    Perform searches on customer id, name or email address.